Pilates in English

Pilates is a range of exercises which can benefit everybody, skorpiona Basel Pilates Yoga
regardless of age, gender or fitness background. One of the main aspects of Pilates is core stabilisation which can be achieved by doing a collection of exercises that focus on the torso and builds inner muscular stregth. This results in a better-toned body, a flatter stomach and a stronger back and therefore a better posture. Futhermore, Pilates will stregnthen the pelvic floor muscles, can release tension in shoulder and/ or lower/ upper back and can help you build more self-confidence.

Our Pilates courses are structured so that each person can work towards their own target in a group or personaltraining.

Our studio offers a bright and quiet environment in which exercising can be done with the utmost concentration and can be fun as well.

Group training: 3 – 6 people

Personaltraining: Tailor-made exercises program designed for your individual needs



30CHF students / 35CHF adults

12 classes    (26CHF / 29CHF each lesson)
312CHF students 348CHF adults

24 classes (23CHF / 26 CHF each lesson)
552CHF students 624CHF adults

Single – 139CHF
5 – 675CHF
10 – 1300CHF
20 – 2500CHF

Double training
89CHF each person

Tramline 10 Ettingen
Tramline 17 Ettingen
Tramline 68 Ettingen

Car: Parking spaces are available in the Elblingstrasse as well as in the surrounding streets.